Wednesday, November 23, 2005

If it's yellow . . .

Most of the Islands in the Caribbean have a lack of fresh water sources. Pretty much the only source is the rain collected from run-off and sent into cisterns.

When I first came to the Virgin Islands about 10 years ago, I noticed many interesting sites, smells and sounds. I travelled by car and boat to other islands in the British/American Virgin Islands experiencing the best in tropical adventure by shopping, eating and relieving myself.

Let me explain, since water is a precious commodity for villas and restaurants there happens to be a protocol for emptying toilets. (not for filling them by the way)

Islanders made signage to help the unsuspecting traveller to conserve water as well as to assist in making 1 & 2 a good experience. It is written on media such as coconuts, palm fronds, and wood crates.

Next to the light switch and the T.P. dispenser what I read and what I can tell you is this:

"If it is yellow,
let it mellow.
If it is brown,
flush it down!"

You still have to wash your hands too. . . All the best!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Kids only.

I came across this bill board in my travels to Europe. . .

The smile on the babies face says it all.

To my friends, the DAM Nelsons.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Category five. . .

Ironic name.

Time for a Drink

On break from working, hah, we enjoy a bite to eat and a few drinks at Skinny Legs where it is said "It's and OK place"

My little buddy has learned from a good teacher how to say "Cheers" when drinking.

If you see the drink by the corner of the table with the straw pointed toward Lil K, it is not a margarita just a lemonade. He isn't old enough for that yet.

Our second trip as a family was a sucess. We enjoyed the beaches, the pools, the people, the weather and the food.

Buddy seemed to become more aware and speak a great deal better by being away from home. It seems trips like this one spurs his development in language and activity. Get your kids out too!