Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Systematic Approach to Sustainable Dwellings

Taking a closer look at the lack of resources and the cost increases per unit of gas for cars & homes, professionals such as myself in the green architecture industry have determined to remain adamant that people should invest dollars in the future with technology capable of capturing sunlight and converting it into heat and energy.

I have found a site that describes in a basic manner with text and diagrams the different kinds of things to consider for each design.

The following links will take you to brochures from Solar Works, Inc.

Solar PV augmented grid system:

Soar PV w/battery storage augmented grid system:

Solar PV off the grid completely:

Solar heating:

Solar Hot Water heating:

Good design starts with conservation and forethought. Our future holds promise for a cleaner living with reducing the dependence on resources we mine from our Earth.


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